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Our New Jersey Schools and Public Safety Agencies have always led in school safety. Their actions are something we are all proud of.

With more mass shootings over the last several years, recent data shows that 20% of fatalities may have been avoided if wound care had come sooner.

Our schools and public safety agencies can use this new data to continue leading the nation by considering additional recommendations.

Our recommendations are simple.

  1. Recommend immediate point-of-wound care training to school staff.
    (For those who say it’s not an educator’s job, please read our plea on the “To Our Educators” page)
  2. Recommend point-of-wound care kits throughout the school.
  3. Recommend point-of-wound care kits in every patrol car.
  4. Recommend public safety agencies codify scoop-and-run practices if emergency medical care is delayed and life is jeopardized due to the delay.
As a not-for-profit, we will even help you get the necessary funding!
Our children and school staff deserve nothing less!

New Jersey has been at the forefront of best practices for school security programs. And, to remain leaders, there is a need for new recommendations to help save lives in the crucial moments after a shooting.

During the first quarter of 2023 alone, there have been 14 more school shootings with injuries or deaths. Fifty-three percent of 2022 school shootings occurred in towns with populations under 100,000. New Jersey has 564 municipalities, and most have populations under 100,000. As a result, no parent can feel their child is fully protected. This is our unfortunate reality.

Many smaller towns would be fortunate to have three officers on patrol and two-weekday volunteer first aid providers on call. Most municipalities do not have the resources or personnel to handle a mass trauma incident aftermath effectively. Bleed-out time can be less than 4 minutes. All bleeding victims need immediate wound care. FAST!

Research shows that nearly 20% of the victims who die in mass shootings could have been saved if they had received medical treatment sooner. Therefore, the tools and skills to provide immediate point-of-wound care and rapid extraction from the incident scene to the proper medical facility could save many lives after a school shooting.

Hence, New Jersey can continue to lead by adapting the SURVIVAL+ for Schools™ Program recommendations BEFORE the next school tragedy occurs.

Let us help you take your school safety programs to the next level.

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