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A Mass Shooting occurs at a local school.

Our Mission: To save lives in the face of school violence.
There are 25 wounded children and teachers inside.


You can take action!


Local municipalities will rely on support from surrounding towns.

BEFORE they arrive at the scene, there are many questions that should be answered. Here are a few.


The unwounded may be the first responders who can render help. How can we ensure they know what to do and have the necessary equipment?


Are there enough emergency care kits in the school?

Are the kits strategically placed throughout the school?


Children will require whole blood, not just white or red cells, platelets, or plasma.

How do we ensure first responders know which local hospitals have enough whole blood supply available NOW?

New Jersey Can Continue to Lead the Nation


Our New Jersey Schools and Public Safety Agencies have always led in school safety. Their actions are something we are all proud of.

With more mass shootings over the last several years, recent data shows that 20% of fatalities may have been avoided if wound care had come sooner.

Our schools and public safety agencies can use this new data to continue leading the nation by considering additional recommendations.

Our recommendations are simple.

  1. Recommend immediate point-of-wound care training to school staff.
    (For those who say it’s not an educator’s job, please read our plea on the “To Our Educators” page)
  2. Recommend point-of-wound care kits throughout the school.
  3. Recommend point-of-wound care kits in every patrol car.
  4. Recommend public safety agencies codify scoop-and-run practices if emergency medical care is delayed and life is jeopardized due to the delay.
As a not-for-profit, we will even help you get the necessary funding!
Our children and school staff deserve nothing less!
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To Our Educators

When we decided to dedicate our lives to educating young children, did we ever imagine part of our jobs would be rehearsing lockdown drills with our students?

It breaks our hearts when we must tell 8-year-olds, “If there is a lockdown, boys, and girls, and you are in the bathroom and can’t get back into our classroom, be sure to stand on top of the toilet seat so the bad guy can’t see you are there.”

Our fellow educators at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Uvalde, Nashville, and countless other school shooting incidents have thrown their bodies in front of “their” children to protect them.

Providing immediate point-of-wound care kits and the skills to use them aren’t part of our job. It shouldn’t be part of our job. This is not why we chose a career in education.

While we may want to say it isn’t part of our job, do we believe we would run away from a bleeding child or fellow staff member?

The reality is that when a bad thing happens, we will do everything we can to protect and save our children and colleagues. You know that is what we will do.

How tragic if, at that moment, we don’t have the tools and skills we need to make a difference and save lives.

SURVIVAL+ for Schools™ wants to help you have wound care kits and the skills to help save a life. That life saved may even be our own when surrounded by peers equipped with the same tools and skills.

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What we do

The SURVIVAL+ for Schools™ Program

All Public Safety Agencies must have Emergency Operations Plans for their municipalities.

Our focus is to provide recommendations for immediate point of wound care and rapid extraction to the proper medical facility.

Please see the complete list of recommendations under the Take Action button on our Home Page to evaluate your situation pre-incident.

  • We can provide recommended companies for wound care kits and training. However, as a not-for-profit, we have no affiliation with these companies.
  • SURVIVAL+ for Schools™will assist school systems and police departments organize a fundraising effort to equip schools with wound care kits and skill training if local funding isn’t available.

No child or staff member should lose their life because of lack of funding. More information is available under the Take Action button.

This is not about politics. It is about keeping children and staff alive. We want to help School Districts and Public Safety Agencies take school safety programs to the next level.

About Us

Our Advisory Team of Public Safety Experts

Robert Baran

Director of Emergency Services
Manchester Twp., NJ

Kevin Craig

New Jersey Association
School Resource Officers

Keith Germain

Chief of Police
Barnegat, NJ


Patrick Kissane

Founder and Executive Director
New Jersey Association
School Resource Officers

Frank Rodgers

Deputy Superintendent (Ret.)
New Jersey State Police

James Sheehan

Program Manager
Jersey City – Newark
Urban Area Security Initiative ((UASI)

Michael Urbanski

Assistant Manager
Port Authority NY, NJ at Newark Liberty International Airport

Justin Griffin

Merrimack Potomac + Charles


Stewart Krentzman

Adjunct Professor
NYU Stern Graduate School of Business


John Beatty

Northern Highlands High School Teacher
Bergen County E.M.S. Special Operations Group
Allendale, NJ

Robert Francaviglia

Chief of Police
Hillsdale, NJ

Dean Pinto

Chief of Police
Rochelle Park, NJ

Michael Pontillo

Chief of Police
Westwood, NJ

Richard Skinner

Chief of Police
Washington Township, NJ

Let us help you take your school safety programs to the next level.

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